The Food-Combining Principles

 • One protein at a meal. This means no double-protein combos. Have each individual protein food, such as beef, poultry, fish, seafood or tofu by itself. No mixtures such as shrimp and scallops or steak and lobster together at one meal. Digestion is impaired and toxicity results.

 • Eggs are the exception to the protein rule: They are considered neutral and can be added to above-mentioned proteins. They go particularly well with dairy products (as in a quiche) and add to the protein value of bean dishes. Eggs can be combined with sprouted-grain starch (such as an omelet with sprouted-grain toast).

• Beans are considered a starch/protein and combine well with dairy product and veggies, but not with meat, fish or chicken.

 • Proteins such as fish, fowl and beef don’t combine well with gluten-rich grain starches (e.g., wheat, rye, oats s and barley). An example of this is a burger on a bun. Protein does combine well with other friendly carbs, such as a baked potato, a sweet potato, corn or peas — provided a green leafy salad is included in the meal.

Vegetables and fruit should not be eaten together.

• Milk and meat (e.g., a glass of milk and a steak) shouldn’t be consumed together. Dairy fats, however, such as butter, cream and sour cream are regarded as fats and do combine with other protein foods (e.g., beef Stroganoff).

• Flaxseed oil, because of its unique metabolic makeup, combines well with dairy (e.g., cottage or ricotta cheese and yogurt), friendly carbs and vegetables.

• Water should not be taken with meals before food is swallowed. While water is necessary for many metabolic processes, including digestion, saliva activity is weakened when a large amount of water is used to wash down food. Extremely hot or cold water depresses gastric juices and shocks the system.


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