FSIR Healthy Tip of the Week

When people want to lose weight, for many the first choice is often the latest fad diet. Results will vary and often a quick 5-10 pounds will come off. However, this approach is short term and most people will return to familiar eating habits and the weight gradually reappears and exceeds the original weight. Why is there a 93% failure rate to weight loss and regain with most diets? One of the reasons for this astounding failure rate is a condition called metabolic syndrome.

Many people with metabolic syndrome or weight loss resistance are unable to lose 1-3 pounds a week despite following a sound diet and exercise program. This syndrome causes great frustration, and with limited or no results, the diet and exercise program are frequently abandoned and old eating/lifestyle habits return.

Everyone wants visible results and Permanent weight loss, so how can that be achieved? Impressive results are being achieved with HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), an effective weight loss protocol which has successfully been used to treat obesity and weight loss since the 1950s. It stimulates the hypothalamus to metabolize 800 calories or more of bad fat a day to use for energy and to create rapid and safe weightloss The HCG program is the most effective method that I have used with over 400 patients. It is a supervised program that uses a non-sex hormone that helps you access your bad fat. It stimulates fat burning but preserves lean muscle tissue leaving your metabolism active and working for you rather than against you.

With a low caloric restrictive diet, HCG and my supervised coaching you should receive the results you are looking for. Don’t wait around and wonder to see if the scale is moving down in your favor. Reset your metabolism and enjoy this summer feeling light and free from unwanted fat. Don’t forget to come to the lunch and learn at the Cherry Creek office at 12pm on Friday, May 27th and see how you can get started on an effective weight loss program. To your good health! Liliana Partida, CN


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